Roadside Memorials

Roadside memorials are left where someone died unexpectedly at the site of death. They are often marked with crosses, stuffed animals, and small items. Family and friends will keep them up and roadside cleanup crews are respectful of them.

Erected 2018 for Keith Williams. His family and friends left notes of love for him. Near the St Bernard Animal Shelter in Violet, LA.
This was erected for Autumn Danna in 2019. It is near Smitty’s Tires on Judge Perez. Autumn was said to have never met a stranger. She traveled often on her full size tricycle in the neighborhood.
This memorial was put up for Daniel “Capt Dan” Lemoine in 2018. He was devoted to his family and his passion was riding his motorcycle. He had logged over a million miles on his bike.
These two memorials are across from W. Smith Junior Elementary School to memorialize Martin Barrientos and Arturo Cabrera. They seem to have been placed in late 2008.
This memorial is by Penny’s in Violet. Matthew “Dice” Diecidue was a devoted father and Sergeant in the Army who served in Iraq.
This memorial is on Judge Perez by the Welcome to Violet sign. Left for Chase Cyrus Naquin (1995-2013) it is updated seasonally. Chase is described as a generous and giving person. He was involved in gymnastics and earned a Gold Medal from the Junior Olympics.