Saint Bernard Catholic Cemetery

2805-2747 LA-300, St Bernard, LA
Date of Burials: 1787 – Current
Open to Public
Link: Find A Grave

Saint Bernard Catholic Cemetery, popularly known as Terre-aux-Boeufs Cemetery, is the oldest cemetery in the New Orleans area, predating Saint Louis I by two years.

Around 1779 Canary Islanders started settling in what is now St Bernard Parish. Burials were originally in the area of the current church yard. The original area became full in the early 1800’s and burials began on the other side of the bayou where the cemetery has continued to this day.

On one row with some of the oldest monuments, the tombstones are etched in French. Most of the residents spoke Spanish or English. The tombs were carved by French stone cutters from New Orleans.

This begins “Ici Repose” or “Here Lies”
During the restoration, they preserved a part of the original marker.
Two old headstones were preserved in the cement base.
Flip cover photo frames are used to protect photos from the harsh conditions.
A Campo/Russell plot is topped with a muskrat trap. The Isleños are known for their great trapping skills and the Campos are one of the prominent families.
The cemetery is sprinkled with images of crabs, shrimp, and fish. The water a primary source of income.