Ellen Cemetery

E Prosper St & Tournefort St, Chalmette, LA
Date of Burials: ~1920 – Current
Open to Public
Link: Find A Grave

Ellen Cemetery is the burial ground for the descendants of those who lived in Fazendeville. The cemetery is named after Ellen Levy. She was part of the group that bought the property, which is about two miles from the former site of Fazendeville. She was the first person to pass after the cemetery purchase and was buried here.

Fazendeville was the community started by Jean Pierre Fazende on the property that once was the Chalmette Plantation where the War of 1812 was fought. Fazende, a free man of color, divided up the land and sold parcels to other free people of color and formerly enslaved people.

National Park Service Photos

The thriving community of about 50 families was self-sustaining with stores, a school, a dance hall, and a church.

In 1964, the St Bernard Parish Government seized the property to use for the National Park Service to expand the land around the Chalmette Battlefield and Cemetery. The families, forced to relocate, mostly moved to the Lower Ninth Ward or Violet. Battle Ground Baptist Church was relocated to 2241 Flood St in New Orleans.