Ellen Cemetery

Ann Cook Johnson

Ann Cook was born in Fazendeville to Carl Cook and Rose Henderson. In her late teens/early 20s, Ann moved to New Orleans to work in Storyville. Storyville was an area of legalized prostitution that contained small rooms and elaborate halls. Many of the grand halls were owned by women like Lulu White and “Countess” Willie […]

Saint Bernard Catholic Cemetery

Pablo Feliu

PABLO SAN FELIU ASSINATED BY SLAVES INCITED BY CARPETBAG RULE DIED OCT 1896 The headstone for Pablo Feliu (unknown – 1868) was erected sometime after Pablo’s death. The inscription is erroneous. Pablo Feliu was killed during the 1868 St Bernard Parish Massacre. The plantation owners in the parish wanted to reverse the rights of the […]

Chalmette National Cemetery

Sarah Rosetta Wakeman

Sarah Rosetta Wakeman (1843- 1864) is buried in Chalmette National Cemetery. She fought in the Civil War for the Union, presenting as a man in order to fight. Her headstone reads “Lyons Wakeman”, as even in death, no one noticed she was a woman. She is part of a number of women who fought in […]