Friends of St Bernard Parish Cemeteries is research, documentation, and new stories of the cemeteries of St Bernard Parish in Louisiana. Rich in history and filled with interesting people, the cemeteries help tell the story of the parish and America.

Cemeteries are a place for the living and are important. The goals of Friends of the St Bernard Parish Cemeteries are to
1. Document and write a short history of the current known cemeteries.
2. Complete listings for these cemeteries at Find A Grave.
3. Respectfully work with the cemetery caretakers to identify areas for volunteerism and funding needs.
4. Work with local and national organizations to try to secure funding to help maintain currently operating cemeteries, secure and preserve what remains of defunct cemeteries, and appropriately memorialize lost cemeteries.
5. Record stories of the people in the cemeteries and the people who care for the cemeteries.

Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer.